Windows Phone Lost My Data

by Kyle  

I have long been a supporter of the Windows Phone 7 OS and phones, but tonight I suffered a major setback. While doing a routine operation, simply searching using the built-in Bing search, the phone crashed. The phone does crash from time-to-time, but mostly it's benign and the phone comes right back up very quickly. This time was not like that at all, the phone came back as a blank slate and wanted me to set everything up again. I tried rebooting the phone (powering off and back on) three or four more times to no avail.

The more unfortunate issue here is the lack of any "cloud" way to recover from such an incident. Sure your music, videos, and podcasts are all safely stored on your computer (which I don't have access to at the moment) and your contacts, calendars, and email are all safely stored in the cloud (as long as you aren't using POP3 and deleting messages from the server), but what about the data generated by the apps that you installed? What about all of the customizations you performed? All of this is lost with absolutely no way to recover.

This isn't all bad news, Windows Phone does one key thing that the iPhone does not, it allows you to setup the phone without needing a computer. Given that I had just gotten into town to visit my parents tonight, I would have been hosed with my computer 2700 miles away, but thanks to this one feature at least I have a working phone with some of my data present.

I really don't care what the cause of the problem is, but Microsoft really needs to get that January update out ASAP. They may not have even fixed the issue that caused this, but hopefully they did fix a bunch of the other nagging, but generally mild, issues I've had with the OS since launch.

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