HP Can't Fulfill Their Orders

by Kyle  

There was a great coupon last week for the HP Envy 14 with the awesome Radiance display. I ordered it immediately and got an instant confirmation of my order. Now today, they go and cancel the order and offer a "slap-in-the-face" compensation, the same coupon I used for the original order. In a need to vent my frustration, I drafted and sent an email to the CEO of HP and included it below.

Last week, I was overjoyed to see a coupon for your highly rated Envy 14 laptop (with the Radiance display) and purchased it immediately. I was confirmed an order for $985 shipped and my credit card was charged almost immediately. The expected ship date listed in both the email and on the site was February 1st, a completely reasonable date for such a custom PC purchase.

Today, I receive an unsolicited cancellation mail with absolutely no details about why the order was cancelled. I called the HP Shopping support and was “helped” by a clueless representative who could only tell me that an email would be coming later on today. The email was pretty generic and included a pretty awful deal on another laptop, the exact same deal I used for the laptop I had ALREADY ordered. Calling customer support again yielded even more frustration as a representative worked very hard to try and persuade me to add unnecessary upgrades to my previous configuration (now $1199 without the Radiance display) to get it over the $1399 requirement of the coupon. When I clearly explained that this was unacceptable, the representative went on to offer me another deal, $300 off of $1199. This deal, obviously, was even less acceptable as I would be paying the same price for a laptop without the Radiance display. He told me that he could offer me nothing else and we parted ways.

Extremely frustrated, I decided to try online support and spoke with a slow, but helpful, representative who pointed me to the HP Resolutions Team. That call went a little better, with the representative seemingly putting some effort into solving the problem, but ultimately stating that she would need to contact the head office and letting me know that I would be receiving a call back sometime within the next 24-48 hours.

The problem with this whole situation is that it could not have been handled more poorly. My credit card was charged even though there weren't even parts available for fulfilling my purchase; I know that other companies won't charge you until production has started. Rather than contact me, my order was cancelled in a very unfriendly manner and I was left confused and needed to call support to even get the generic "wait for the email" answer. Now when I call to try and resolve the problem, the representative will not do anything about the fact that I was not responsible for this order cancellation. They treat the order as though it’s a new order and will do nothing to actually compensate for my time, trouble, and lost interest (due to the apparently fraudulent credit card charge).

I don’t feel like my request is outrageous, I simply want the following: take my original order for $1399 minus the original $500 off coupon and remove the Radiance display option ($200 value) that wasn't even available in the first place. This brings the computer down to $699 (plus tax) shipped to me. Given the fact that my original order was supposed to ship by February 1st, I don't think it's too much to ask to throw in free 2nd day shipping to make up for the huge inconvenience that your company has caused me.

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Comment from: Anupam [Visitor]

I faced the same predicament, ordered cancelled 5 days after placing the order. I even got a call from HP confirming the shipping address.
Feeling extremely frustrated about the whole thing. Did you manage to get them ship the product to you? Anything you would like to suggest that I should do to voice my opinion against this crappy customer service?


08/07/14 @ 05:47 pm

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