ThinkPad T60 - How to Make a Custom OEM Windows CD

by Kyle  

Now updated for Windows XP SP3, if you encounter any problems, please let me know!Please note that the RVM Update Pack and KB896256 hotfix are no longer necessary with Service Pack 3.When I first bought my Lenovo ThinkPad T60, I was a little disa… more »

Windows Vista, Friend or Foe?

by Kyle  

Microsoft's first new consumer operating system in five years is set to be released tomorrow (January 30th, my Birthday). Although the final version was finished back on November 30th, a few months is needed for the major computer vendors to prepare… more »


by Kyle  

Although I had been very interested in the Nintendo Wii since I had first heard about it, I never really planned to own one, let alone any other console game system. Well, needless to say, that changed. Nintendo's newest console gaming system, the… more »

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